The Rizzeria @ Shop 5 Metcalfe Arcade3D Printing Studios @ Shop 5 Metcalfe ArcadeHistory’s Mirror @ 37 George StreetMBFWA Raffles International Showroom @ 71 George StreetSydney Museum of Words @ 73 George StreetFold With Love @ 85 George Street


The Rizzeria @ Shop 5 Metcalfe Arcade
3D Printing Studios @ Shop 5 Metcalfe Arcade
History’s Mirror @ 37 George Street
MBFWA Raffles International Showroom @ 71 George Street
Sydney Museum of Words @ 73 George Street
Fold With Love @ 85 George Street

Raffles International Showcase MBFWA 2014

Designers’ collections now on display at 71 George street #RafflesDesignerShowroom


From Friday 11 April - Thursday 17 April 2014

(excluding weekend) 10am - 5pm

71 George Street, Sydney 2000


After an incredible showing on Wednesday at The Runway Carriageworks as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, from Friday April 11 the Raffles designers will take over 71 George Street space for the “Raffles International Showroom Pop Up”



Media Highlights: Original botanical-themed print-on-print combos and playful accessories.

  • WILL BE. By William Brunton - Sydney

Media Highlights: Raw finishings and matchy-matchy menswear.

Media Highlights: Unexpected cut-outs, elegant eveningwear.

Media Highlights: Window-style peek-a-boos,playful geometry and textural fabrications.

  • PAUL NATHAPHOL (Self-Titled) - Singapore

Media Highlights: Deep teal and emerald hues, clean lines and modern suiting.

  • OPHÉLIE By Sean Loh & Sheila Agatha Wijaya - Singapore

Media highlights: Gold and black topstitching and embroidery; statement sleeves and lace.

Media Highlights: Bold couture paneling and traditional craftsmanship techniques.

To make a media appointment, or to discuss PR & Editorial opportunities, please contact Blue Planet Public Relations:

Sophie Blue:, 0416 006 821

Darya Gurinovich:, 0424 242 070


Sydney Museum of Words will be showcasing words on loan from some of the great names of our generation, such as The Queen Her Majesty, Tony Abbott, Ghassan Hage, and Julian Assange. The exhibition will provide locals and tourists a collection of only the best words that Australia – and Sydney – has to offer.

SMOW invites people to spend time reflecting on words and their meanings outside of their every-day context. For example, even the word ‘Sydney’ has a rich meaning, deriving from Saint Denis who was a third-century French saint.

Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, at 73 George street


Midori Furze will be at 85 George Street till the 27th April 2014, so don’t miss the opportunity to drop by and learn more about the art of fold.

Besides the open studio 'Fold with Love III' you can also attend the workshops, so book now!

Origami Workstation for adults and children

Wed 9th April: 1-4pm

Origami Workshops for Children

Wed 16th April: 10am, 11.30am, and 1.30pm

Origami Exchange for adults and children

Wed 23rd April: 1-2pm


Sydney Short Film Social will be heading down to 71 George Street, The Rocks, 2000. From Thursday to Saturday enjoying and supporting the local creative talent we have in this city. More details here!

MCA Zine Fair 2014

A reminder to all the zinesters out there:

The applications for Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Zine Fair 2014 close today!


One of the seven art centres of our Ngali-Kitikiti-Ni Gallery at 85 George Street will also pop at Paddington during Art Month Sydney 2014.
The exhibition is hosted by Sabbia Gallery till March 29, and for more information, please contact the gallery on 02 9361 6448 or


The exhibition ‘We are Family’ celebrates diversity and difference

The families within the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual (GLBTQI) communities are forming a new sociology, driving new understandings and redefining what makes a “family”.

The artists (including our previous participant Annie Magdalena Laerkesen) are responding to the phrase We Are Family to express their ideas of what is “family”. Some of the works are highly personal and intimate representations of their families while other works highlight ideas about the concept of family.


An official event of the 2014 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras hosted by the Australian Centre for Photography till 18 May!


The Centre for Inner Excellence (CIE) the first women only co-working space and business hub has launched at The Rocks.

Catering to the unique work and life habits of women, the CIE will assist entrepreneurial women by providing fundamental office space services and innovative benefits to encourage business growth and sustainability.

The CIE will provide a supportive community and collective for female entrepreneurs and freelancers who want a space to work, connect and collaborate with peers. It will also offer a comfortable work space that is adaptable and designed to accommodate change.

By providing a supportive environment and a productive platform, the CIE hopes to promote work-life balance and encourage women to help one another move their business forward.

Two more weeks to go! Cultural Bites will be open till March 7 so don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Miriams’ talks, demonstrations, and workshops (; or just drop by to chat with her about ‘The Rocks Push – The Poet & Pugilist Passion’ exhibition.

Two more weeks to go! Cultural Bites will be open till March 7 so don’t miss the opportunity to participate in Miriams’ talks, demonstrations, and workshops (; or just drop by to chat with her about ‘The Rocks Push – The Poet & Pugilist Passion’ exhibition.

"See you in Sydney!" Ngali-Kitikiti-ni Pop Up Gallery by the APY Lands Art Centre Network

Ngali-Kitikiti-ni: “Give us Room… We’re coming through…”

“There are a bunch of young Artists like me on the APY Lands. We have big plans about what will happen next with our art work and our Art Centres – the businesses we own. This gallery is about getting our young and emerging Artists work out there, in our own gallery. This is a young Anangu Artists project and is the first of its kind. Ngali-Kitikiti-ni mean’s give us room we’re coming through, which is exactly our plan…”

- Rhonda Unrupa Dick, Tjala Artist and Arts Worker, Winner of the 2013 ATSIAB Dreaming Awards and Amata Community Council Board Member

The APY Art Centre Network pop-up gallery opened its doors this week in The Rocks. Seven Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara (APY) Lands art centres from Central Australia share the space with next generation and emerging artists who work alongside some of the best-known and collectable Indigenous artists in Australia. 

Canvases, object art, including Tjanpi, woven sculpture and pottery are all featured in the gallery. The pop-up is also an educational space where Artists will share information about the APY Lands and international tourists and all Australians can learn about Anangu culture and creative tradition.

Dates: 20 Feburary - 17 March 2014

Opening Event: 6pm Thursday, 6 March 2014 

Location: 85 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000


Events to add to YOUR ZINE event calendar:


Fire up the Carousel: A Zinester Slide Show 

10 Zine enthusiasts 

10 diverse slide shows

120 minutes of projected awesome (zine themed) Imagery! 

Featuring our own printmakers The Rizzeria on Saturday 22nd March, 6:30-8:30 at the cupping room.

More info HERE!


Canberra Zine Emporium ZINE Fair 2014

CZE are looking forward to getting all ZINEY with you, as they present their 2nd annual ‘Canberra Zine Emporium’ zine fair! Held in the lush surrounds of the Gorman Arts Centre, be tempted by local, national and international zinesters, as they spruik their cut & paste wares.

Canberra Zine Emporium zine fair is part of You Are Here’s
Publishing Fair - a day celebrating all things of a papery D.I.Y nature - the CZE collective invite you to drop a little change and connect with your ZINE side!

CZE will also be hosting a panel, ‘Canberra: We Make Our Own Fun’, discussing all things DIY & local.
10 Zine enthusiasts 

Featuring these fine folks who’ll be ZINE stalling it on Sunday 23rd March, 11:00-16:00 at Gorman House.

More info HERE

3D Printing Studio MeetUps

Don’t miss the 3D Printing Studio upcoming MeetUps!

From a hands on workshop for beginners (Thu Feb 20 and Sat Mar 08) to specially designed ones, such as the one for students and educators on Wed Mar 12.

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